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Copytalk CEO Maree Moscati Wins BISA's Circle of Excellence Award


SARASOTA, Fla., March 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Copytalk CEO Maree Moscati has been named winner of The Bank Insurance & Securities Association (BISA) 2019 Circle of Excellence Award for converting the "chore" of documentation into a technological advantage for financial institutions. 

For more information on Copytalk go to: http://www.copytalk.com/ 

The Circle of Excellence Award is BISA's most prominent honor. Just to be in the running, candidates must have made "meaningful contributions with a lasting impact to the association, and be recognized among their peers for their outstanding vision, innovation, and career achievements."

"The words 'vision' and 'innovation' define Maree Moscati," said BISA President Jim Nonnengard, President and CEO of Regions Investment Services, Inc. "No one is more deserving of this award."

But back to the business of documentation.

"Reliable and quick documentation isn't some dusty chore that wealth managers treat as such," wrote Family Wealth Report in October 2018, "but a core part of the job and increasingly challenging as communication channels proliferate."

No one is more responsible for transforming this once marginalized function than Maree Moscati

Under Ms. Moscati's leadership, Copytalk has become the transcription service most widely used by financial advisors, wealth managers, and those who staff financial enterprises; professionals whose livelihoods hinge on the accuracy and privacy of client-meeting notes and other sensitive dictation.

How did Ms. Moscati, a Certified Third Party Risk Professional and acclaimed financial-services executive, turn transcription into a competitive advantage for financial institutions?

Through her obsessive insistence on maintaining the security and privacy of advisors' client-meeting notes; the two are not the same. While speech-to-text conversion software may be secure (dictate into your computer and receive text back in real time) providers of this technology reserve the right to mine your data, which breaches privacy.

To this add another of Ms. Moscati's signature achievements: Copytalker™, the company's newest initiative. This is patent-pending technology that places a "button" on an advisor's screen (desktop or mobile) to enable one-touch dictation, audio-file submission, transcription, and transcript delivery. 

With Copytalker™, the last relic of legacy transcription - the phone call - is finally gone.

That alone could qualify for an award!

Sarasota, FL.-based Copytalk is the most prominent transcription service engineered to meet the financial-service industry's uniquely rigorous standard of accuracy and privacy in the recording of dictated client-meeting notes and the preparation and delivery of transcriptions.

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