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About Us

We’re proud of what we do and it shows.

Copytalk hears what other transcription services don’t. You demand exceptionally accurate documentation of all client conversations. We hear you. You demand live, U.S.-facilities based transcriptionists. We hear you. You demand compliance with high standards of security and privacy. We hear you. You demand a service that will take your dictation whenever you choose. We hear you. We are a premier dictation service tapped across industries for the same reason we’re trusted by so many leading financial institutions.

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Led by a renowned financial-services professional obsessed with accuracy, security, and privacy, Copytalk is a premier transcription service that hears what others don’t.

We hear and meet your demands for…


Exceptionally accurate 

verbatim documentation 

of all client conversations.


Transcriptionists who will 

follow your directions and

flag whatever is unclear.


Your data denied to

those unauthorized 

to see it.


Your files protected

against illicit attempts

to access them.


Highly-skilled live

transcriptionists fluent

in financial terminology.


A service that will take

your dictation whenever

you choose.

In accurately documenting your client meetings, we equip you to pick up conversations exactly where they left off, not approximately where they left off but exactly where they left off. Because clients need to know that you’re paying close attention.In preserving your thoughts in real time, we prevent your ideas from vanishing into thin air.


And in transcribing audio/visual recordings of conferences and other information-sharing events, we help you harvest the data and insights you’ll need to operate more effectively, be more efficient with your time, and grow your business.


Because we know that the security of your information is as important as the information itself, we’ve developed comprehensive protocols – rigorous technical and operational safeguards – based on established industry standards.At the heart of our commitment to protect your security is this guarantee: Your work will be done only by U.S. facility-based transcriptionists.


So engage with Copytalk confident in the fact that your data will be secure, your privacy protected, and you’ll be compliant with legal and regulatory requirements.

The Skinny On Transcription Services

When you see transcription services offered at unrealistically low prices, please bear this mind: They’re typically of low quality, prepared overseas, or by at-home transcriptionists working with little or no oversight. Some use inaccurate voice-recognition technology that can jeopardize your privacy.


Copytalk, on the other hand, employs only live transcriptionists working in-house at locked down workstations within one of our securely managed transcription facilities. Our scribes can’t access subscriber information and have the dictation for only as long as it takes to transcribe. We purge your data after 60 days.


In sum, we are unparalleled in our delivery of accurate transcriptions, impeccably formatted, and prepared in line with protocols that protect your privacy and safeguard your security.

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