Syncwords – Live Captions

Live Captions for

Meetings & Events

Easily schedule and deliver captions to make your live meetings and events accessible

» Use for meetings, calls, conferences


» Perfect for educational use: lectures and webinars


» Integrated with Zoom, WebEx, ON24, and Adobe Connect for closed captioning delivery


» Send live captioning to your mobile, tablet, or desktop via custom URL (iPhone and Android captioning supported)


» Transcriptions available and ready at the end of your live event


» 10,000 + participants supported for each live event

Live Subtitles & Translations

Deliver your programs globally translated & subtitled to 100+ languages

» Help your foreign speaking audience participate in your live meeting or webinar.


» Grow foreign language viewership, subscriptions and increase  ad revenues

» Reach new audiences and markets domestically and internationally

» Fully cloud-based, no hardware required for streaming workflows

» Perfect for live OTT & delivery to social media

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» Upload a Copytalk transcript or let us create one for you

» Review & edit captions with our online tools

» Download captions in any format for internet and broadcast TV viewing