Live Subtitling For Virtual Events: So Easy With A Simple Widget!

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If you’re streaming your next live virtual event to your web portal, integrate the subtitling widget, and let your international viewers be fully involved by viewing the captions in the language of their choice.

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The online live streaming industry grew 99% in 2020, with education, event organizers, businesses and social media consuming live video content now more than ever. (Source: Daily eSports)

With a majority of events these days happening virtually, there’s an increasing need to ensure accessibility. Also, reaching out to wider international audiences at virtual conferences becomes crucial. Adding captions and translations via a custom widget is a great way to provide both accessibility and widen your international reach, and most important, keep things simple during live events!

Subtitling widget, sounds complicated?

You’ll be amazed to know how easy it is to integrate a captioning and subtitling widget into any web page for live virtual conferences. A web widget is an independent application that can be embedded into any third-party portal such as a web page, blog, or social media site. This is a stand-alone application that you can add to your portal by simply just copy-pasting a few lines of code.

For Live Events, it’s all about the KISS Principle – Keep It Simple Stupid

Virtual event professionals that stream live video to a site often wish to see captions and translations embedded inside the live video stream. While this is certainly possible, it requires the video stream to be sent to an outside destination or service where captions are embedded into the live video stream. This process has its inherent disadvantages and risks, most significant of which is the video stream leaving the producer/operator’s control, thus leading to more points of failure. Plus this requires a high level of expertise and knowledge by the video streaming professional.

Well, you don’t need to lose control of your live video stream to embed captions, after all. Just plug-in a few lines of code to a web page, and you’re all set. This way your viewers can watch the live captions during the event, as well as switch to any of 100 languages to view live translations. It’s that easy! Further, the event producer can focus just on the video stream, and its consistent delivery at all times during the live event.Syncwords’ widget is an application that can be embedded in a web page to stream live captions for an event. The widget code is generated from the admin interface and can be pasted into the HTML of a web page. Administrators can upload a logo and fully customize the widget styles (CSS) to seamlessly integrate it with a particular website or brand.

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