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Getting Started

Options and Details

Create Contact

Create Contact - Creates a new contact with the message as a note on the contact

Update Contact

Update Contact - Add a note to the matching contact

Create Lead

Create Lead - Create a new lead with the message as a task associated with the lead

Update Lead

Update Lead - Add a task to the matching lead

Create Task

Create Task - Create a new task with the subject as the title and the message as the body

All dictations also create a Task within Salesforce that informs the user how the transcription was handled. If we were not able to discern the intent then only a task will be created.


The Salesforce integration is only available to Enterprise and above level Salesforce subscriptions.

User Access

Some corporate deployments of Salesforce may not allow individual users access to their login information. The integration may not be available to these subscribers.

Customized Versions

The integration allows us to work with a limited set of customized versions of Salesforce and to create additional speech mappings.


This integration is not available to Bank of America/Merrill Lynch

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