Copytalk Announces New Partnership with SyncWords

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SARASOTA, Fla., March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Copytalk, the most prominent transcription service engineered to meet rigorous standards of accuracy and privacy, is proud to announce its recent partnership with SyncWords, the New York-based leader in cloud-based video captioning and subtitling.

Through the partnership, Copytalk will transcribe clients’ media files and SyncWords will automatically create closed captions, subtitles, and translations for online delivery – all while maintaining second-to-none security protocols. A single virtual event can be quickly and seamlessly captioned and translated into more than 100 languages, enabling events to reach a global audience. The possibilities are endless for marketing professionals, event planners, and more.

The partnership comes as part of Copytalk’s DigiScribe audio-visual transcription services, which the company expects to grow by 20 to 30 percent in the first quarter of 2021. Copytalk’s DigiScribe services do media transcription for the NFL, movies, television, educational videos, corporate conferences, committee meetings, budgetary meetings, annual reviews – any event using video conferencing.

Part of what interested Copytalk in the partnership is that both companies share the same passion for providing clients with security and privacy, says Copytalk CEO Maree Moscati.

“Our security protocols are really second to none in the transcription industry and we take our security and privacy, especially in the regulated industries that we serve, very seriously. SyncWords is very much vetted, as they vetted us. Our platforms are very similar, as is the awareness of security issues, concerns, and protocols,” she says.

Ashish Shah, co-founder and chief strategy officer of SyncWords, also sees the partnership as a marriage of true minds. “SyncWords’ services are a perfect extension for Copytalk’s customers who are requiring global communications, security and quality,” he says. “Copytalk’s transcription workflow is integrated with SyncWords’ captioning platform to offer its customers high quality captions and subtitles.”

To learn more about how this partnership can help you fulfill your project needs, fill out the form online at

About Copytalk: Copytalk’s transcription services are engineered to meet rigorous standards of accuracy and privacy in the recording of dictated meeting notes and the preparation and delivery of transcriptions. Its Mobile Scribe transcribes dictation on the go while DigiScribe transcribes everything from meeting notes to conferences to uploaded media. For more, visit

About SyncWords: SyncWords is the leading provider of captioning and subtitling technologies and services for both live virtual events and on-demand media. SyncWords’ automation and tools are used by thousands of businesses and major broadcast networks to generate closed captions and subtitles. Learn more at


April Rudin – The Rudin Group