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Copytalk Wins BISA's Technology Innovation Award For Third Consecutive Year


SARASOTA, Fla., March 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Copytalk has been named winner of The Bank Insurance & Securities Association's (BISA) 2019 Technology Innovation Award for the third consecutive year for launching Copytalker™, a patent-pending technology for financial enterprises that allows advisors to dictate client-meeting notes directly onto platforms, dashboards, and CRM's.

For more information on Copytalk go to: https://www.copytalk.com/ 

Enabling one-touch dictation, audio-file submission, transcription, and transcript delivery, Copytalker™ is the functional equivalent of embedding a live transcriptionist fluent in financial terminology on every advisor's screen.

"Winning this award is a remarkable achievement," said Dan Overbey, Managing Director IFP Institutional Partners. "But taking it three years in a row is precedent-setting and a tribute to Copytalk CEO Maree Moscati, Chief Technologist Brian Johnson, and VP of Technology Baird Juckett."

Although Copytalk is nearly 20 years old, every year or two sees the company renew itself through technological initiatives. While it has always had best-in-class technology to ensure the secure transmission of dictated meeting notes and delivered transcriptions, Copytalk has recently added technology to electronically return transcriptions to an enterprise's workflow where they'll be of greatest value: into an advisor's CRM or onto a wealth manager's dashboard.

Particularl+K2y noteworthy is Copytalk's unique ability to safeguard the security and privacy of confidential client-meeting notes. While speech-to-text conversion software may be secure (dictate into your computer and receive text back in real time) providers of this technology reserve the right to mine your data, which breaches privacy.

Its ability to safeguard security and privacy derives from Copytalk's novel way of producing transcriptions: Whereas most human transcription is done outside the U.S. by people working at home with scant oversight, Copytalk employs only live, U.S. facilities-based transcriptionists, fluent in financial terminology and working in-house within one of the company's securely-managed transcription facilities. These strict protocols ensure privacy and accuracy.

The stakes for financial advisors, wealth managers, and financial institutions could not be higher. Not only is documentation of client meetings and phone calls required of financial institutions and their advisors, but what client would value an advisor who begins every meeting by asking, "Now where were we?"

Sarasota, FL.-based Copytalk is the most prominent transcription service engineered to meet the financial-service industry's rigorous standard of accuracy and privacy in the recording of dictated client-meeting notes and the preparation and delivery of transcriptions.

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