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Tiburon Summit High Points

Attending the Tiburon Summit was a pleasure, and I appreciated the frank sharing of ideas among the top executives of a broad range of companies in the financial services industry. The overarching theme of putting investors first was especially gratifying. Having come out of the advisory world, this is something I care deeply about.

A major challenge facing all of us in the industry is how to deploy the right tools to efficiently and proficiently build on that foundational commitment to our ultimate clients. It's what we should be thinking about every day, whether we are advisors working directly with investors or solution providers to those advisors. Embracing CRM as the nucleus of technology, implementing a suite of integrated technology platforms-basically doing more with less-is the key to managing a successful advisory practice.

We are also challenged with how to take Big Data and make it relevant, both within one's practice and with clients. It's a good sign that the thought leaders of the industry are engaging in discussions about serious issues such as privacy of personal data and protection against breach; addressing Terms of Service of their third party service providers; and what mobile devices their firms may or may not allow advisors to utilize. On personal devices, who, in the end, owns the data?

At Copytalk, we are dedicated to ensuring the protection of our advisor clients and their clients' confidential information. Through our involvement with Shared Assessments, we are continuously addressing this issue. We deliver this message to all the financial services firms, broker dealers, RIAs and independent advisors that we serve. In our world of transcription services, we unfortunately see advisors who simply do not realize the risk they take for themselves, their clients and potentially their firms, by not being vigilant about the security of outsourced transcription. Just think about this: do you really want your confidential notes from conversations with your clients being transcribed on a home computer, by a contract worker operating out of his or her kitchen? Or would you prefer to work with a firm that operates within the U.S., has a controlled and monitored facility, and utilizes a staff of professional transcriptionist who work on secure corporate computers (that do NOT have Internet access)?

We are thrilled that financial services companies as a whole, and the CEOs themselves, are taking a hard look at their internal processes and performing due diligence on the firms with which they do business.

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