TradePMR provides brokerage and custodial services to Financial Advisors. As the fourth largest RIA Custodian*, our goal is to empower advisors with the tools they need to both effectively manage and grow their businesses, as well as provide exceptional support and service to their clients.


With that in mind, our products and cutting edge advisor workstation, Fusion, are wrapped in a premium support model designed to give Financial Professionals comprehensive solutions that compliment their unique business needs. This translates into an excellent customer service experience for advisors and their clients.


Client assets are custodied and trades are cleared at First Clearing, LLC; a Wells Fargo affiliate company. Through our strategic business alliance with First Clearing, TradePMR recognizes and addresses the need for Financial Advisors to remain competitive with banks and brokerages that are quickly redefining how the financial world conducts business. A complete lineup including trust and banking services through Wells Fargo can provide advisors with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


TradePMR’s dedicated team members in advisor services, trading, cashiering, accounts and customer support are devoted to functioning as an extension of an advisor’s business model by providing the support and service he or she needs to efficiently manage assets within today’s rapidly changing financial landscape.


* InvestmentNews, July 12, 2012

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