Many advisors want to grow their business, but struggle with how to make it happen. We give you a tested plan and accountability that guarantees results.

Our Promise to You

Grow Your Business

If you want to grow your business, we’ll provide the right tools, training and team to support your firm’s efficiency, productivity and business development. On average, our coaching members grow at 2.5x the industry average over a two-year period. Additionally, 20% of our member advisors have grown to become million-dollar firms.

Gain Clarity

Running your own business can often become confusing and overwhelming. Using our process, you’ll define and set your business goals and get on the right path to achieving them. On average, only 8% of people reach their annual goals*. In contrast, 84.69% of those in our coaching program achieve their annual personal and professional goals.

Achieve Balance

As an entrepreneur, you may be missing balance in your personal and professional life today. As a member, you’ll have the best thought leadership and practice management methods to help you improve clarity, efficiency and productivity so that you can find your own sustainable edge of growth with balance.

Join a Passionate Community

Owning a business can feel competitive and lonely without a network of peers. You’ll join our community of 1,200 firms-nearly 5,000 advisors-who are waiting to connect, learn and share without the competition. Community breeds success; Twenty percent of Registered Rep’s top 100 independent financial advisors trace their roots to our programs.

Live Your Purpose

You have a specific purpose in your personal and professional life. Our purpose is to help you succeed as a financial management professional, advisor and business owner so that you can fulfill your own unique purpose.


A Conference Decidedly Different. On Purpose.

Awe-inspiring and Actionable

Connect with the most vibrant community of elite advisors in the country during our three-day conference and walk away with tangible ideas that will transform your firm forever. Experience what has grown to become the most inspiring advisor conference in the profession.

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*New Years Resolution Statistic Study, Statistic Brain Research Institute, University of Scranton, January 1, 2017

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