#1 in Marketing Systems

The System

The Bill Good Marketing System® is the only marketing system available in financial services today.

Defined as “a computer-based, client marketing, prospecting, and practice management system,” it includes everything an FA needs to manage a client base, grow it, and build the team to help manage it.

“The System” has a CRM but that’s not what we sell. Porsche® has an engine. That’s not what they sell.

System subscribers get access to The Letters Library which contains over 2,900 marketing letters, seminar invitations, emails, and scripts. You have access to the Campaign Center with 31 campaigns ready to download and run.

Contact Management for Financial Advisors

For years, we have recommended our system subscribers use Copytalk® to document calls and meetings. 

We have prepared two videos explaining “contact management.” Applying these principles will not only help save your business, but enable you to grow it faster. As you will see, use of Copytalk is an essential tool for contact management “The Good Way.”

Hundreds of Bill Good Marketing subscribers use Copytalk to maintain a continuous record documenting every client and prospect contact. Watch these two videos to understand how and why to make maximum use of Copytalk. And call Jill Coral at 888-495-7303 for info about our system.

The Coaching Program

We help you launch your system with eight weekly half-hour calls. You receive a total of 22 hours coaching on our “Silver Success Track.” Depending on where you are in your career path, you may continue with Silver, upgrade to Gold, or if you are relatively new to the business, we offer the “Cold Calling Steel Success Track.”

Our Mission

We help our system subscribers double production or work half as much.

Many have doubled in two years. Others prefer a more leisurely pace. Some want time instead of money.

Who is Bill Good?

Bill Good is the creator of the Bill Good Marketing System. He is author of “Prospecting Your Way to Sales Success: The Proven Prospecting System to Ramp up Your Sales Career” (Scribner®, New York). In 2012, Wealth Management magazine named him one of the four top coaches.

Phone: Jill Coral, 888-495-7303
E-mail: info@billgoodmarketing.com
Web: www.billgood.com

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