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What does this mean for you?

Copytalk transcribes your English dictation or media files and seamlessly you can now have closed or rolling captions, media captions and translations (100 languages) and subtitles.

High Quality
Get production-ready captions. Precision timing. UX optimized captions. Comply with strict FCC guidelines.
Speed up your workflow. Captions ready in minutes. Efficient tools proven to streamline your workflow. Parallel process projects to expand your capacity.
Enterprise access. Real time collaboration. Distributed workforce. Scalable cloud-based infrastructure to meet demand.
Skip countless hours of manual effort and save money. No up-front commitments. Pay-as-you-go or volume discounts.

Live Captions for

Meetings & Events

Easily schedule and deliver captions to make your live meetings and events accessible

» Use for work: meetings, calls, conferences
» Use for education: lectures, webinars

Live Subtitles & Translations

Deliver your programs globally translated & subtitled to

» Grow subscriptions and increase ad revenues
» Reach new audiences and markets
» Fully cloud-based,no hardware required
» Perfect for OTT & delivery to social media

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» Upload a transcript or let us create one for you


» Review & edit captions


» Download captions in any format