John Lubeski

Operations Director

John Lubeski is responsible for each Copytalk transcription center, Copytalk’s audio transcription services, and Copytalk’s video transcription services.

John joined Copytalk in 2009 as a transcriptionist with experience in offering managed IT services, in co-founding and leading a free after-school program, in serving as event organizer for regional and local events. John has been part of the Copytalk management team since 2012. Notably, in his role as Operations Director, John has:

  • Helped the company acquire new lines of business, then developed training & staffing initiatives to grow and retain that business.
  • Involved employees at all levels in the company to tweak, design, and overhaul short- and long-term incentive plans.
  • Played an active role in evaluating, refining, and administering the security program at Copytalk.

John believes that treating every person with respect and fostering a transparent, inclusive work environment is key to delivering a great service and key to helping individuals reach their full potential within the organization.

John has an open door policy and employees are always welcome to either stop by to chat or schedule a meeting.