SmartOffice Integration

The Goal

As a financial services professional, your business is unique. But across the financial services distribution chain, professionals all share one common goal: to deliver top client service in an efficient, profitable manner.

The Solution

Ebix’s SmartOffice solution is designed to help you achieve your goals by addressing your immediate needs and giving you the flexibility to add functionality as you continue to grow your business. As one of the industry’s most proven solutions, SmartOffice delivers a flexible, web-based platform and a robust, industry-specific solution that drives tangible business benefits. SmartOffice is the only proven, web-based solution on the market today that is designed from the ground up to help financial services professionals deliver a level of client service excellence that creates trusted relationships and generates more revenue.



The result

SmartOffice is an off-the-shelf, online solution that meets your specialized needs and performs like you’ve spent months of time and budget on customization.

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