What Copytalk and the NFL Have in Common

On Sunday, Feb. 7, millions of Americans are expected to watch Super Bowl LV. It’s an event I’ll be sure to watch, and it has also given me pause for reflection. Although I’ve certainly never run down the gridiron for a touchdown, I’ve found that Copytalk has more in common than one might think with the NFL!

Like a football team striving together to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy, Copytalk’s team – everyone from our US-based transcriptionists to our support staff to me, Maree Moscati, as CEO – are all working together to deliver first-in-class, secure transcription services to our clients. Just as every touchdown, every field goal, and every extra point counts, we take pride in every transcription we do, all delivered in a timely and secure manner. We know that you can’t cut corners when striving for excellence!

Of course, even the best quarterback can’t win the Super Bowl on his own. Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Tom Brady, you name them: they may be great quarterbacks, but teammates have to catch their passes in order for them to be complete. Similarly, enterprises need likeminded, hard-working partners to help them achieve their goals and objectives.

I’m happy to say that we at Copytalk have found such a partner – SyncWords, the New York-based leader in cloud-based video captioning and subtitling. This new partnership is part of our growing DigiScribe audio-visual transcription services. Our specially trained DigiScribe transcriptionists transcribe movies, television series, educational videos, conferences, committee meetings, budgetary meetings, annual reviews . . . and the NFL. Yes, you read that right, we may be transcribing the commentary on your favorite team’s plays, too. Then, SyncWords takes our English transcription and can translate it to 100 different languages, even doing live captioning.

And the connection and similarities with the NFL don’t end there! There’s also the shared respect for security and privacy while simultaneously embracing the technological revolution. A number of NFL teams – like last year’s Super Bowl winner, the Kansas City Chiefs – have moved their playbooks to iPads, while taking cybersecurity precautions to make sure their iPads don’t get hacked, and can be wiped clean remotely if they wind up in the wrong hands.

Likewise, we at Copytalk use technology in order to grow our services and better meet clients’ needs, all while maintaining our second-to-none security and privacy protocols. We only use live, US-based transcriptionists – not A.I. – but we also utilize technology when appropriate. For instance, our Copytalk+ app allows users to initiate transcription at the touch of a button. We have also created Regulation BI templates to help enterprises and their advisors comply with the SEC’s regulation, and we’ll be rolling out phase 2 of these templates this year. All of our transcriptions are done and delivered securely. After all, my own background in the wealth management industry has made me especially attuned to the security and privacy concerns in the industry, much like a seasoned NFL coach with his own playing experience.

And so, as we watch the best of the AFC and NFC battle it out in Tampa, let’s take a moment to cheer great partnerships – not just on the field, but also in our own industries!