Dynamic Women & The Men Who Support Them – Ryan Shanks

I had the honor many years ago to meet up with Ryan. Ryan’s energy and enthusiastic vision of matching FA’s to the best fit firms for them is second to none. Ryan is a huge supporter of diversity and inclusion, and we are honored to share his story.

– Maree Moscati, CEO CTPRP

Ryan Shanks

Co-founder & CEO

FA Match

Tell us something about yourself most people aren’t aware of.

Ryan: I would say most people are not aware that I have three brothers from three different mothers, so as we like to joke, we’re brothers from other mothers. It’s a unique little tidbit. We’re really, really close, but it was somewhat of a dysfunctional path that led us to one another, but it’s the end result that you’re most grateful for. We range in age from 30s to 50s, and my oldest brother is five years older than me. The last time we were on the phone, we spent over five hours just catching up, talking about the dynamics of how we grew up and having strong women in our lives to hold us accountable.

How can men be allies to women in the financial industry?

Ryan: In this industry, it has always been the way that it has always been. But now women are elevating themselves, working hard, and we have to find that connectivity point.

The industry, from a diversity perspective, is changing. At FA Match, we’re trying to engage with firms, and some of them are very specific. “We want women advisors.” But I think some of them want women advisors because they recognize they have no diversity, and they want it just to check that box.

I like to then challenge them. Are you really creating an environment that’s supportive, or are you going to end up bringing in one or two women advisors surrounded by a bunch of male advisors? Are you cementing that on the back end and actually delivering? Do you have a partner at your firm that has equity, that’s in a control position? Do you or do you not?

But then again, I’m talking to some pretty incredible companies out there that are doing more than saying it, and that is really exciting and empowering.

I’ve got a nine-year-old daughter, and I’ll be damned if she’s not going to go out into the world and get whatever she wants, have self-respect first, and then demand it from others.

Who is one of your most influential mentors and why?

Ryan: Well, today’s my mom Carol’s birthday, so it’s appropriate that I talk about her.

When I think about how she grew up, her mother had a business, but her father worked in oil and gas, and so she went down that path into a male-dominated industry. She had to carve her way. It wasn’t easy, and significant lessons came out of that, but all of it was done to try to provide for me and my brother.

She’s a schoolteacher in Roswell now. What she does for those kids is unbelievable, which frankly I think most teachers do. I have such tremendous amount of respect for her work ethic, and I have carried that with me.

Bonus question: You mentioned you miss going to concerts. What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Ryan: Yeah, I miss working my way to the stage. That’s where I like to be to catch the concert. I want to feel it. It’s good for my soul. But the best concert I’ve been to is Coldplay at the Rose Bowl in California. It was phenomenal. I surprised my wife. We stayed in Santa Monica, and it was incredible.


Ryan has over 21 years experience in financial services. He is the Co-founder & CEO of FA Match, the industry’s only data-driven solution for advisor recruiting. Previously he was Founder & CEO of Finetooth Consulting, which provided transition consulting, outsourced recruiting, and succession planning to financial advisors within the United States.