Hear and Persevere: Inspiring Stories of Dynamic Women – Carmen Britt

“Women, I hear you. And I revere you.

As a woman, and especially as a female CEO, I cherish the dynamic women whose counsel and support have inspired me to persevere throughout my career. And I cherish our own Amy Yoder, who has partnered with me to tell their stories – stories of how women overcame formidable challenges to rise to the top of their respective fields. For this new Copytalk initiative, Amy will focus her incredible talents on interviewing these woman and writing their stories, which we will publish as an ongoing series. Why are we doing this? Because I’m confident that these amazing stories – extraordinary women all – have something of great value to offer you, as well.”

– Maree Moscati, CEO,  Copytalk

Carmen Britt

Co-Founder at Wealth Nation

What made you turn to YouTube to get your message out?

Carmen: Funny story, actually: One of our clients is actually a successful YouTuber, and she is very inquisitive and said, “Hey, can you guys put videos on YouTube so that I don’t have to keep asking you the same questions?”

We thought of this as an opportunity to create a video library where frequently asked questions could be found online, and so our clients would be able to not only read it and watch the videos, but also to share it with their loved ones.

We post two videos a week, and I’d like to include that other agents and financial professionals can do the same thing if they choose. We didn’t realize that there are so many digital products and assets that we could create to further provide value to people.

Our niche is infinite banking, so what we do is, we make videos specifically about infinite banking. When someone goes on YouTube and types in “infinite banking 101” or “infinite banking basics,” we are able to pop up in the first page of the search results because of how we positioned ourselves on YouTube.

What were those early days like making that transition from in person to virtual?

Carmen: Honestly, the transition was welcomed because [of] what we were doing before, which is the traditional marketing techniques. Once a week, we had workshops, and they got to the point where our referral network dried out. We were just praying that somebody would show up, and so just the stress of organizing and planning to have very few people show up was draining.

So we dibbled and dabbled in Facebook ads and had an amazing response but realized very quickly that the audience that we had put ourselves in front of were not qualified nor could afford our services.

So we got back to the drawing board again. But timing was everything, and it just so happened that our client said, “Hey, post some videos on YouTube.”

What was the moment when you knew this would work?

Carmen: December of 2018. We were building our business throughout 2018, and our goal was to generate enough business so that we can be in the Dominican Republic for the whole month of December.

In November, our YouTube started to get on the right path, and in December, we basically shut down our laptops. We brought them with us, but we didn’t plan on getting any appointments. We had an amazing time, but all of a sudden, people started popping up on our calendar.

I remember literally sitting for breakfast, having this conversation over coffee of, “Who is this person, and how did he get on our calendar?” We said, “Oh, boy. It’s about to be on and popping.” We left the Dominican Republic with 20 new clients.

Now we actually live in the Dominican Republic. When we were here in December, we had recognized that we didn’t need to be in Phoenix because we had just literally served all of these wonderful women and men all over the country. We don’t need to just be in Arizona.


Carmen always knew building a business was always something she’d pursue. Like many entrepreneurs the freedom to create your own schedule and build a life of independence is the number 1 priority. 

After climbing the corporate ladder successfully (in project management), her income was limited, and was constricted by the regular workday and vacation policies.

Looking for change, she took a risk and broke into real estate investing, found success, but still had to trade time and presence for money.

Then she discovered an investment tactic the wealthy use to fund new ventures on demand – using life insurance policies.

So she changed gears, working this new angle, in life insurance – with no previous education in the field.

But Carmen hit a wall. Her referral network dried up.

Her monthly seminars weren’t bringing in enough new leads and business slowed to a crawl.

And then…

 … a client asked Carmen to post her educational content on YouTube, so they wouldn’t always have to call Carmen or Darius (her husband and co-owner of their company) when they had a question.

 So they did. And they kept at it. 

And leads started trickling in – completely hands-free, clients pre-sold to the point that they would email Carmen saying “I saw X video, and I want that. Help me make it happen.”

With a few tweaks to their approach and some smart strategies, the trickle turned into a FLOOD within 6 months. All with just an iPhone, a $20 lapel mic off Amazon, a couple hundred bucks in outsourced editing and graphic creation and no ads. Their YouTube Channel has allowed them to educate thousands of people while building a 100% virtual business.

Since February 2019 Carmen and Darius sold all their belongings and hit the road. They now live in Dominican Republic and work anywhere in the world with WiFi. Leveraging online marketing has completely changed their lives, expanded their business and brought the true freedom Carmen’s always desired.